How Los Angeles SEO Marketing Can Save Your Photography Business

Why Photo Shooting a Los Angeles Limo Service May Be Just What You Need to Get Started

There are may ways to get your photography company launched: you can tell all of your friends on Facebook through FB Ads, you can ask for referrals, or you could take pictures for a business for free! While the possibilities are endless, we think one of the best places you could start your photography career is by doing photo work for an LA Limo business.

We say Los Angeles limo companies because the inside of their limousines look amazing and if you capture the moment correctly, you could very well get a good amount of business afterwards. Typically you’ll see a limo service company have beautiful interiors or they may have a party bus with celebrities that you can photograph. If you happen to be in the Los Angeles or Hollywood area, you can probably get some great looking pics with some famous people!

photography seo los angeles The goal of this blog is to help Cleveland and Los Angeles photographers (or any other city), grow their businesses through the top digital and Internet marketing strategies available today. Enjoy the free content and we hope this photography SEO training session will help many photographers on their journey to enrich people’s lives with high quality photos.

There are many different types of marketing avenues one could choose in the world of business. With print advertising, radio ads, and newspaper spots being the old way of gaining more customers, how do you choose which one is the best for your business, namely in the photography industry? Many people say referrals from your past happy clients is the best way to get new business. And we would agree with that way of thinking. There’s nothing better than creating amazing photos for your client’s wedding, birthday party, QuinceaƱera, or some other event or session, and have them give you three of their friends who want your photographer services as well.

How To Grow Your Photographer Company With LA Online Marketing

However, if you don’t have any clients to start out with, how do you get referrals in the first place?

It doesn’t matter if you are targeting Cleveland, Ohio, or Los Angeles, California; SEO, also known as search engine optimization, should be your #1 marketing strategy when you first start out.

Here Are 3 Pointers On How To Fully Optimize Your Photography Website For Google

  1. Make sure you optimize or target the city that you can take photos in.
  2. Ensure that every type of photography service that you offer is listed on your site.
  3. Post engaging content that users love, and make that content easily navigable.

First: Target Your Hometown & Surrounding Cities

If somebody were to type into Google: “Best photographers in Los Angeles, CA”, would your website show up? If not, it is more than likely because you simply don’t have the word “Los Angeles” on your site anywhere. Create a web page all about Los Angeles and your photography services to start out. The next step would be to get some reputable websites to “link” back or recommend your website. Preferably these sites would Los Angeles-based sites such as the LA Chamber of Commerce or even the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau. Getting accredited from the BBB is a good practice in general anyway. This process will help Google understand that you are a real business and that you are either based in, or you serve LA County.

Second: Create A Web Page For Every Service You Provide

Make sure that every service you offer, whether it be maternity photos or wedding photography, has a dedicated page. If you add photos to the pages, make sure you name the filenames appropriately so Google knows what the photos are about. An example of a well-optimized picture file would be: “wedding-photo-in-la.jpeg”. You can also add what’s called an “Alt” tag to your photos, which is another way to tell Google what your photo is about. If you have a WordPress site, you can easily add the alt tag to your photos in your Media Library in the WordPress dashboard. The alt tag is also used to describe to visitors what your photo is about in case the photo doesn’t load for the visitor.

Third: Post Engaging Content And Make It Easy For Users To Navigate Through Your Site

Google’s main goal with search is to put the absolute best content-filled websites at the top of the search results; which could also be translated into, “Which photography websites have visitors spending the most time in them and clicking through and engaging to many other pages on their site?” If visitors are constantly coming to your site and then leaving without engaging, this sends a bad signal to Google that maybe people do not like your site. Try adding call-to-action buttons on your site, or giving amazing “teaser” photos that make people click to another page of your site to view the rest of the photo album.

With these SEO tips alone, you should be able to gain more exposure in Google to help the people who already want your services find you!